Contemporary staircases are, by definition, the representation of the popular styles and designs of the era they were drafted and built in. As with most everything in our current world, the big word is “Fusion”. The understanding of the term “contemporary” has broadened a lot in the recent years and no longer marks the futuristic or industrial approach but rather the freedom to pick and choose whatever goes best with the surrounding space without finding yourself in the confines of a certain style.

We design and build contemporary staircases using any and all materials imaginable from raw steel and hand graded granite to structural and nonstructural glass, stainless steel, reclaimed wood and other repurposed mediums. We also use domestic and international designer lines of stainless steel, aluminum and custom composite accents.

Our staircases, no matter how one of a kind, are always built to the current CBC and IBC codes and often spec engineered by our go-to structural engineers to ensure the safety and code compliance while maintaining the edgy look of a truly custom project.

All of our railings, hardwood and composite treads and structural details are manufactured at our shop exclusively for your project and finished either at the shop or on site. All glass and acrylic products are custom templated by us and fabricated locally by the vendors with whom we have a long history of completing some of the most outstanding residential projects in Orange County and Los Angeles area.

The founders and current owner-operators of Pike Stair Company, Inc. were among the first of the “new wave” stair builders in the late ’90-s to not shy away from the new and unconventional but to embrace it instead. We’ve worked hard for the past 15 years to be the best in the business and have pioneered many of the systems now widely popular in Southern Cali and also along the coast with our farthest projects reaching all the way to Oregon and Washington.

Add into this mix our passion for the business we’re in and the ever-present desire to outdo ourselves again and again with every new project, and you’ll likely find yourself reaching for the phone to set up a meeting with us.