Staircase Types


Here is everything you need to know about staircase types:

Colonial Staircases
Many of the most respected designers of Colonial Staircases come out the New England area. However, there are other many fine craftsman spread throughout the country. When choosing a company to build or design your staircase, the top qualities to look for will be the level of craftsmanship and experience the company employs. You will have many designs to choose from including spiral stairs, straight stairs, circular, elegant and traditional. The colonial staircase you choose can virtually be built from any hardwood or traditional metal used in the process.

Victorian Staircases
The Victorian Staircase is usually decorative with large newel posts. You can also expect to find unique handrail contours and complex bracket designs. The timbers used are usually deep colors, and when stained, to a rich dark finish. Victorian staircases work best in a setting that is aesthetically supportive.

Iron Balusters
You will have a myriad of choices to choose from that will be determined by your cash spend, amount of space, and the relative ease in which you will want to make repairs if necessary.
Iron Balusters that are welded in place will more difficult to work on than those screwed in place.

Straight Run Staircase
Straight run stairs are the stairs most commonly used in new home construction. As the name implies, this type of staircase has no turns. If you have a tight budget to work with, you might want to consider the benefits of having a straight run staircase built.

L Staircase
You have to start from somewhere, so the logical starting point should be to focus on the layout of the staircase and its size. Once you have this nailed down you can pick the style and materials for the project.

Choosing a staircase will of course depend on the architectural layout of your home and our own tastes. Your choice can dramatically enhance your home’s foyer without having to alter its floor plan. An “L” staircase will make a 90 degree turn at the landing and usually takes up about the same amount of room as a curved stairway.

Double L Staircase
The double “L” staircase is a platform staircase with two immediate landings, one that is near the top and one landing that is near the bottom. There is a 90 degree change of direction at each of the landings. Choose the double “L” if there is not enough space for either the straight or “L” staircase.

U Staircase
The “U” staircase gives you two options to choose from, the wide U” or the narrow “U”. The narrow selection has little or no space between the flights. Check with an expert stair builder to find out which type is right for your home.

Winder Staircases
The type of staircases that can be designed and built is near limitless. Winder staircases employ treads which form the turn of the staircase. They are angled and usually form a 20-30 degree turn. This staircase is perfect for walls spaces that are curved.

Spiral Staircases
A spiral staircase, no matter where it’s found, is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece. They can serve the purpose of being a stairway in a home or office where there is not enough room to devote to a large or full size staircase. For centuries, spiral staircases have been used in churches and buildings in ways that are mesmerizing.

If space is limited, spiral staircases work great if placed in the corner of a room. Be careful to take into consideration any heavy lifting that needs to be taken from one level to the next on a frequent basis.