Stair Repair

stair-runner-1lProblems with staircases can be both annoying and possibly dangerous. That squeaking stair might be a more serious problem like a cracked tread or loose post.

It can be any number of problems, but here are a few things you need to know when repairing a staircase.

A squeak in your stairs is usually caused by a loose joint. The squeak comes from piece of wood rubbing against another. If the staircase construction is accessible from underneath, it should be easy to fix the problem.

The joints can be tightened by driving a wooden wedge into the seam between the risers and the treads.

Warped treads can be repaired by removing molding or nosing and balusters from the tread. It if is too difficult to remove the tread, try drilling a starter hole at the rear of the tread, and then cut it out with a keyhole saw.

Loose posts are often a hidden problem because of their positioning at a stairways end.
This positioning naturally makes them prone to becoming loose. You can tighten the post by tightening the bolt that holds the post base. Try and do this from beneath the stairs if possible.

If there is a collection loose between the baluster and the railing, it is easy to take a piece of wood, wedge it in the joint, and then secure it with a screw. If there is a damaged baluster, you can cut the damaged piece in half and remove each section.

Some newer railings have a molded track at the top and bottom. If there is damage on the molded track, it is easily replaced by matching angle cuts and nailing the molded track back in place.

Stair repairs and installations should always be accompanied by experts who know their field. When it is time to make the decision to upgrade or install a new staircase, Pike Stair Company is here to help.

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