What We Do

ContemporaryThe biggest misconception among the homeowners seems to be that the stair companies generally only fabricate and install railings. Pike Stair Company, Inc. is a truly custom stair fabricator that can, and in most cases does, handle the entire project from start to finish. We welcome and appreciate projects of all sizes from repairs and refinishes to ground-up stair builds.

As a full-service company, we can produce shop drawings or CAD renderings for any project, we can also provide architectural or engineered plans and drawings. We can demo the existing staircase or parts of it, reconfigure the current layout, or frame in a brand new staircase. We’re capable of handling all of the drywall and flooring restorations due to remodeling or reconfiguring the stair layout, we can install all of the ground work (treads, risers, skirts, trim, etc.) and do it far better than any flooring company. We can fabricate and install railings in any style and configuration regardless of the materials used. We can apply all finish products- sealers, stains, paints, oils, lacquers, etc., and give you a turn-key product without any of the headaches of sourcing additional service providers to complete the different aspects of the stair project.

TraditionalIn addition to the above, we can also install and stain/finish solid and engineered custom hardwood floors to tie the surrounding area in with the new custom crafted staircase.

As you can see- we are, by definition, a true custom stair company. We’ve never been involved in tract developments or agreed to lower our standards to meet budgets unsuitable for the project as proposed. This industry keeps us excited every day and we’re working very hard  to thrive in our chosen field for decades to come. We’re here to serve so please don’t hesitate to call us!